About Us

GROWit™ is a privately held additive manufacturing company located in Lake Forest, California, dedicated to improving design through engineering and rapid prototyping. We strive to be at the cutting edge, bringing both knowledge and resources directly to customers. With our team of engineers, we help guide customers to the process that best suits their specific application, without holding a bias to a specific platform or technology.

Founded in 2007, GROWit™ was the first service bureau to acquire the Connex 500 multi-material printing technology and is currently a world-leader with this technology. Our in-house manufacturing and experienced staff works with you to provide exceptional customer service and deliver the fastest, highest quality parts at a competitive price.

GROWit™ offers a wide range of additive technologies; even if you haven’t fleshed out your ideas, our in-house design team can help! We work with everything from napkin sketches to 3D scanning and specialized CAD engineering to meet your company’s needs. You dream it, we GROWit™!

Why do we call ourselves GROWit™?

Due to the layer-by-layer nature of additive technologies, a part often looks like it is growing within a machine – just like a plant grows from the ground. Rather than using the terms “building” or “fabricating”, the term “growing” is commonly used within the industry; thus the origin of our name, GROWit™.

Where did GROWit™ get its start?

In 2007, in response to the increasing demand for different types of additive technologies, GROWit™ was founded. Starting with two machines in the back of a shared warehouse in Anaheim, we quickly outgrew a single room operation. Our current, larger facility has allowed us to keep up with our growth in sales, engineering, and production operations.

Where is GROWit™ located?

We are currently operating from a new facility in Lake Forest, CA, just south of Irvine. This move has allowed us to develop a state-of-the-art operation, incorporating the automation of additive technologies with our newly renovated casting and engineering departments.

GROWit™ Mission Statement

GROWit™ strives to be the premier provider of custom manufacturing through engineering design and additive technologies. With our comprehensive offering of services, we are able to focus on what we do best: custom production applications. We are dedicated to building lasting business relationships based on performance, accountability, responsiveness, and professionalism.