We’re Moving!

January 17th, 2014

We’re Moving!
That’s right, GROWit is moving its offices. As we begin a New Year we have finalized plans to move into our new facilities. GROWit strives to continue to remain competitive while offering great prices and service to our loyal customers. We are excited as this move allows us to become more agile, efficient and ultimately keep costs down for our customers!

Where are you moving?
Our production will be relocated to Ventura County. Our sales and customer service office will remain in South Orange County.

How does this affect me?
The transition should be completely seamless for all our customers (except updating our address in your records). We will continue running our equipment and ensure all our orders stay on track. There will be no changes in our quoting, lead times or shipping during this transition. In fact, if we didn’t tell you we were moving, you would probably never notice!

I pick-up my orders, is this still available?
You bet! All our local customers will still be able to pick-up orders at our South Orange County office with the same lead times and no additional shipping costs.

More Questions?
Great, we love questions and are glad to answer any you may have. Please contact us at sales@growit3d(dot)com!

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January 14th, 2014

Storm Trooper Full Color

Star Wars fans, we are.

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POW :: The Key to Erebor

January 8th, 2014

POW - Key to Erebor

Process: Polyjet Material Jetting

Material: VeroWhite

Purpose: To unlock the secret passage to the Dwarf realm of Erebor beneath the Lonely Mountain.

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