Direct Metal Laser Sintering

fully dense metal parts in a matter of hours

GROWit is proud to offer the capability to grow fully dense metal parts out of 17-4 Stainless Steel, Cobalt Chrome, Titanium, and Tool Steel. Rapid Manufacturing in metals enables the designer to create complex geometries that cannot be produced using any other technology available today. For limited manufacturing runs, growing your parts can be infinitely faster and more cost effective than traditional manufacturing methods.

Base materials include production-grade metal powders that are very similar to the powders used in the Metal Injection Molding (MIM) process. In one of GROWit’s methods, the base powder is directly sintered together layer-by-layer using a laser, while others use a binder on the powder, creating a “green” shape which is later sintered in an oven identical to the MIM process. The final result with either method is a fully dense complex metal part created in hours rather than weeks when using conventional machining processes.


  • Fully dense metal
  • 17-4 Stainless Steel, Titanium, Cobalt Chrome, or Tool Steel
  • Repeatable accuracy of +/- 50 microns
  • Surfaces can be polished to mirror finish
  • Reducing CNC and EDM costs by creating near finished parts


  • Robust test parts
  • Freeform geometries never before manufacturable, including conformal fluid passages
  • Creating complete tooling inserts
  • Aerospace
  • Medical implants
  • Automotive
  • Dental
  • Growing production parts without the need for tooling

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