Multi-Material Polyjet


For years rapid prototyping has been able to offer short lead times and complex geometries on prototypes for various industries with one limitation – a single material per part. GROWit has broken that barrier with one of the most innovative advancements in rapid prototyping by offering multi material prototypes. By mixing base materials, GROWit is now capable of creating composite materials allowing up to eight unique durometers on the same part, ranging between 27 to 100 Shore A and 6 to 83 Shore D.

Through these innovations GROWit has eliminated the need for many of its customers to build costly silicone molds, saving precious time for product development and design iterations. Ultimately GROWit offers the fastest and most cost efficient method of producing multi-material parts in the world today.


  • Multiple composite materials to match design specifications
  • Resolution (X-Y)—600 x 600 dpi
  • Unmatched layer thickness of 16 microns (.0006 inches)
  • Model surfaces can be painted, machined, drilled, chrome-plated, or used for molding
  • Build envelope of 19.3” x 15.4” x 7.9”


  • Over-molded parts and double injection simulation
  • Coated Parts
  • Biomedical and translucent parts
  • Precise form and fit testing
  • Rapid tooling patterns for plastic and metal fabrication
  • Vacuum Form Molds
  • Functional presentation models
  • Investment casting

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