Plastics and Composites

The largest build platform on the market

GROWit offers the technologies needed to rapid manufacture plastic parts in substantial quantities at prices that compete with traditional production methods. Due to the continuing development of materials and larger build envelopes, these plastic based technologies allow for large single piece prototypes and medium quantity production runs of final use in drastically shorter lead times than conventional methods.

GROWit utilizes a variety of additive methods for plastic parts creating a range of production grade materials – high durability, extended operating temperatures, and advanced strength properties. Rapid manufacturing is often used to sustain production until mass productions operations are required allowing GROWit’s customers to launch products far quicker and run market tests without the upfront costs of mass production.


  • Production Grade ABS, Polypropylene, and Glass Filled Nylon
  • Clear materials offering a “glass like” appearance
  • Large throughput
  • Additives available for modified material properties
  • Large build envelopes up to 27.6” X 15” X 22.9”


  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Consumer products
  • Fit testing
  • Medical
  • Medium volume production runs
  • Rapid tooling for production applications

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