POW :: Singer Lens

January 28th, 2013

Stereolithography - Fog Light Lens - GROWit 3D

Process: SLA

Material: Waterclear

Purpose: It’s a fog light lens (kind of important…)!


You drive it. We GROWit.

Have a need for custom parts? GROWit’s state-of-the-art additive manufacturing process can help make it happen. Visit the GROWit Upload Center for a free quote! Don’t have your idea completely fleshed out? GROWit can take any napkin sketch design and make it an actual product.

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POW :: MUREX Woody Symphony Shell

January 2nd, 2013

GROWit Part of the Week- ZCorp 3D Printed iPhone Amplifier

Process: Z-Corp®

Material: Composite Material

Purpose: 3D printed smartphone amplification (See  more on Kickstarter – they’re  kind of amazing)


Want your own custom smartphone amplifier? Check out this Kickstarter project! Symphony Shells are currently available on Kickstarter  for so many phone models:

Apple: iPhone (3G, 3GS, 4, 4S, 5 + case sizes up to Otterbox Defender model) and iPod Touch (4th and 5th Generation Models)

HTC: Droid DNA

Motorola: Droid Razr Maxx

Nokia: Lumia 920

Samsung: Galaxy S II, Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note II


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