Kickstarter Series: LUNATIK

January 7th, 2013

3D Printing and Kickstarter Series :: LUNATIK 

Kickstarter and 3D Printing

By: Alicia Frye

GROWit prints magical, masterful, pure-awesomeful things every day. In this particular blog series, we highlight some of our Kickstarter customers: the leading innovators of consumer products. Today’s highlighted success? LUNATIK.


MINIMAL design is a true star in successful vision-to-launch with LUNATIK products. LUNATIK’s disruptive nature and transformational design to impact everyday life look to be just too irresistible for crowdfunding cruisers to pass up. One might even say their award-winning founder Scott Wilson is Jeopardy!’s Ken Jennings of the Kickstarter world with his 3 for 3 record [LUNATIK TAKTIK :: LUNATIK Touch Pen :: TikTok+LunaTik]. TAKTIK came out with a not-too-shabby $680,568 raised in 30 days, funded by over 450% of their goal.

Kickstarter and 3D Printing - TAKTIK LUNATIK - GROWit

TAKTIK :: Premium Protection System for the iPhone

TAKTIK is one revolutionary iPhone case that made its way on Kickstarter and, in my humble iPhone-using opinion, is truly the case of all cases. It’s resilient structure and functional design was no mistake.

“By obsessing over all the details that others neglect like fit, finish, feel, display integrity, robustness and aesthetics, we are raising the bar again,” shares LUNATIK creator Scott Wilson.

The TAKTIK brings its hardcore game in all of its rugged glory and looks good doing it. From water to concrete, baby can practically withstand any encounter (not that it’s actually encouraged for one to seek out such encounters…). This case can more than handle the beatings that are inevitable for iPhone users.

TAKTIK has some stunning features:

  • Shockproof Suspension System 9mm Impact Truss + Ballastik Bezel
  • Upgradable High Sensitivity Gorilla Glass Lens Protection
  • Acoustic water + dust resistant mic/speaker covers
  • Photo/Flash friendly camera opening
  • 3.5 HSJ cover made from anodized aircraft grade aluminum
  • 30-pin plug allows quick access for charging
  • Silence switch
  • iPhone antenna friendly metal case
  • Tested using military specification standards
  • Available starting at $99.95

TAKTIK for iPhone4/4s is currently available at LUNATIK ( and TAKTIK for iPhone 5 will be available for pre-order in January.  LUNATIK will also unveil a larger series of protective cases in the new year.


LUNATIK was able to use GROWit’s 3D printing technology facility to take TAKTIK from the computer screen to the physical hand. Material simulations, form-to-fit testing, and product representation in early development stages are staples in rapid prototyping and product development.

Iterations of products like this give designers a physical product to use and represent on platforms like Kickstarter. For a small amount of money and time, designers save across the board when using a service bureau for creating new consumer products.

Kickstarter and 3D Printing - TAKTIK iPhone Case - GROWit

Be sure and check all of LUNATIK Kickstarter success products, which all underwent 3D printing R&D-to-production process under the GROWit HQ roof:

LUNATIK TAKTIK :: LUNATIK Touch Pen :: TikTok+LunaTik

Can’t wait to see what’s to come in future LUNATIK Kickstarter campaigns.

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Teaming Up with Fairmont Preparatory Academy

March 9th, 2012

Karissa Campbell- Marketing CoordinatorBy: Karissa C. – Marketing Coordinator

We believe that integrating CAD and engineering with the K-12 curriculum is imperative, which is why we decided to team up with Fairmont Preparatory Academy. This highly academic high-school offers an Engineering Magnet program, a highly advanced program that allows high school students to build a strong foundation in math and science while benefiting from a cutting-edge engineering lab, a dedicated college/academic counselor, university-level courses and hands-on opportunities such as internships and study trips.  The Engineering Magnet was developed to further the education and career goals of Fairmont students who are exceptionally gifted in math and science-areas where Fairmont’s program excels.

Two students, Nikhil Narang and Aditi Sinha, had a strong interest in learning more about 3D Printing and Additive Technologies and decided to intern with us. Nikhil wrote an article in the Fairmont Preparatory Academy’s Engineering Magnet Newsletter about his experience interning at GROWit and we want to share it with you.                                                                                                                                                       


By Nikhil Narang


This semester, Aditi Sinha and I are taking part in an internship opportunity offered through Fairmont’s Engineering Magnet program. Every Monday and Thursday we head to GROWit 3D, a three-dimensional printing company in Lake Forest, where we are learning the basics of additive manufacturing, an advanced method of outputting products. Using this process, engineers can literally grow parts layer-by-layer on industrial sized printers. Through this internship, we are gaining first hand experience with technology that could change the whole process of manufacturing.
At GROWit, our current project is to design a case for a tablet (similar to an iPad) that the engineers use to control all the printers in the facility. We need to focus on the design of the case, making it lightweight and easy to move around while preserving its ability to latch onto every single printer for easier access to the controls on the tablet. In order to design the case, we are also learning the basics of 3D design using Computer-Aided Design, or CAD, programs such as Alibre Design and SolidWorks.

GROWit Internship

These programs allow us to create a design and modify it whenever we need to, and when it finally comes to printing our design, we can simply press a print button and the 3D printers take care of the rest.
The opportunity has been great, especially because we get to witness the entire process, from developing designs to modifying them to finally creating the product. GROWit has allowed us to expand our breadth of the engineering field through the application of theory that we learn inside the classroom to find real life solutions to problems outside the classroom. 

Objet User Group

October 28th, 2011

By: Jason-Machine Operator By Jason B. – Machine Operator

On the 5th and 6th of October, I had the opportunity to attend the Objet User Group in Newport Beach, CA. Objet is the manufacturer of the most advanced 3D printers in the world, which we utilize here at GROWit.

The purpose of the user group was for Objet to connect with their customers on a more personal level, understand their needs, and make sure that as Objet users we understand and use the 3D printers to their maximum capability. Objet truly spent a lot of time developing new products this year as a direct response to previous user groups like this. By listening to our ideas, suggestions, and experiences, Objet continues to deliver a superior product.

Objet User Group - Meeting

On Day one, we started by brushing up on some of the new materials and software updates released this year. Objet studios 9 is the newest software upgrade that includes more advanced applications and user friendly wizards, that make operating these advanced printers even easier than before. A couple of the new materials this year were ABS-like(DM-AB), a more durable and temperature resistant material, and Vero Clear, a super transparent material. With the right finishing, it has the look of glass.

We then broke into small groups and went over new applications and some general maintenance changes. As one of the highlights for me, we also had the opportunity to sit down with the V.P. of product development, Dr.Ofer Shochet, who flew all the way from Israel to ask what we, the consumer, want from Objet. As users we were able to sit down and explain face to face what we would like to see from Objet in the near future. After talking to Ofer, I could tell he wasn’t just about the advancement of the company, but also the advancement of 3D printing technology.

That evening, Objet took us out on a harbor cruise for dinner, which gave us time to interact and socialize with other attendees. This was a great opportunity to meet with some of the Objet employees and also talk to some of the other Objet users in the industry. Day one finished with a few raffles but unfortunately I didn’t win the iPad 2 or a cartridge of Vero Clear.

On Day 2, our own David Gurrola, president of GROWit, was asked to give a presentation on the benefits and drawbacks of using Objet’s PolyJet technology versus other 3D printing technologies. Although this was an unbiased report, there really weren’t many drawbacks, mostly benefits such as build time, resolution, and the variety of shore values. I would say one of the only drawbacks would be the labor time in cleaning parts. Based on our discussions with Ofer, I know Objet is already addressing that issue by trying to work on a more soluble support. The rest of the day I attended an advanced Objet user seminar for applications and maintenance. I even got a hand on look at the new Connex 260…ooooh!

Being somewhat new to this industry, I found this user group to be extremely informative. I especially enjoyed meeting some of the remarkable Objet personnel. The advancements in technology that Objet is developing are astounding. Every day, I come to work and am blown away by the seemingly endless capabilities that Objet’s PolyJet technology brings to additive manufacturing!

Here at GROWit, we pride ourselves on pushing the limits of 3D printing, and it’s great to have the backing and support of a company like Objet to continue to bring better capabilities for rapid prototyping to our customers. I will definitely be attending the 2012 Objet User Group and am excited to see what new advancements they will be development by then!

Objet User Group Playing Poker