Part of the Week :: Skull Pendant

September 25th, 2013


GROWit POW - DMLS Skull Pendant









Process: Direct Metal Laser Sintering

Material: Stainless Steel 17-4

Purpose: ARRG! Brace yer hearts and shiver me timbers. This skull pendant is the perfect charm for the inner pirate in us all! Aye!

Do you have an accessory or fashion design you would like to create? Send your files to sales(at)growit3d(dot)com for a free quote!

You dream it. We GROWit.

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The Flying Wing

September 16th, 2013

By: The GROWit Staff

As we all know, 3D printing is excellent for light-weight, durable and complex parts – ideal for aerospace parts. Recently, NASA has further proved this theory by ground-launching a test rocket that was printed with the Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) process. NASA printed an injector rocket using just 2 parts, normally made in 115 with traditional manufacturing. Results were flawless and NASA plans to continue to test using 3D printing.

“This successful test of a 3D printed rocket injector brings NASA significantly closer to proving this innovative technology can be used to reduce the cost of flight hardware,”

Chris Singer, director of the Engineering Directorate, Marshall Space Flight Center.

GROWit also proved this theory to be true with 3D printing and aerospace parts.

We are proud to introduce: “The Flying Wing” 

airGRO the flying wing airGRO the flying wing2

Created with airGRO – our super light-weight PLS glass-filled nylon. We have printed a 3D part that is both light weight and very durable. The benefit of 3D printing this part ensures for a quick turnaround on custom aircrafts. We were able to achieve this by taking the customer’s file and modifying the design to decrease the weight by over 1000%. Then printed in sections and bonded together, measuring to 9.9697” x 12.0476” x 1.5180, “The Flying Wing” was created.

Our goal: To establish a process that is repeatable with a very quick turnaround. In the future we would likely produce this in less than a week – from design to a functioning wing.

Need 3D printed aerospace parts? Contact GROWit to receive a free quote and to learn about other GROWit additive technologies! - sales(at)growit3d(dot)com

You dream it. We grow it.

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POW :: 3D Printed Metal Gun Handle

August 21st, 2013

POW - 3d printed metal gun handle


Process: Metal Laser Sintering

Material: Stainless Steel

Purpose: Can’t have a gun without a handle, right? Where would your hand go!?

Does your company have designs that need to be printed in metal? We’ve gotcha covered, for all your additive manufacturing needs!

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You dream it. We GROWit!

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