Kickstarter Series: LUNATIK

January 7th, 2013

3D Printing and Kickstarter Series :: LUNATIK 

Kickstarter and 3D Printing

By: Alicia Frye

GROWit prints magical, masterful, pure-awesomeful things every day. In this particular blog series, we highlight some of our Kickstarter customers: the leading innovators of consumer products. Today’s highlighted success? LUNATIK.


MINIMAL design is a true star in successful vision-to-launch with LUNATIK products. LUNATIK’s disruptive nature and transformational design to impact everyday life look to be just too irresistible for crowdfunding cruisers to pass up. One might even say their award-winning founder Scott Wilson is Jeopardy!’s Ken Jennings of the Kickstarter world with his 3 for 3 record [LUNATIK TAKTIK :: LUNATIK Touch Pen :: TikTok+LunaTik]. TAKTIK came out with a not-too-shabby $680,568 raised in 30 days, funded by over 450% of their goal.

Kickstarter and 3D Printing - TAKTIK LUNATIK - GROWit

TAKTIK :: Premium Protection System for the iPhone

TAKTIK is one revolutionary iPhone case that made its way on Kickstarter and, in my humble iPhone-using opinion, is truly the case of all cases. It’s resilient structure and functional design was no mistake.

“By obsessing over all the details that others neglect like fit, finish, feel, display integrity, robustness and aesthetics, we are raising the bar again,” shares LUNATIK creator Scott Wilson.

The TAKTIK brings its hardcore game in all of its rugged glory and looks good doing it. From water to concrete, baby can practically withstand any encounter (not that it’s actually encouraged for one to seek out such encounters…). This case can more than handle the beatings that are inevitable for iPhone users.

TAKTIK has some stunning features:

  • Shockproof Suspension System 9mm Impact Truss + Ballastik Bezel
  • Upgradable High Sensitivity Gorilla Glass Lens Protection
  • Acoustic water + dust resistant mic/speaker covers
  • Photo/Flash friendly camera opening
  • 3.5 HSJ cover made from anodized aircraft grade aluminum
  • 30-pin plug allows quick access for charging
  • Silence switch
  • iPhone antenna friendly metal case
  • Tested using military specification standards
  • Available starting at $99.95

TAKTIK for iPhone4/4s is currently available at LUNATIK ( and TAKTIK for iPhone 5 will be available for pre-order in January.  LUNATIK will also unveil a larger series of protective cases in the new year.


LUNATIK was able to use GROWit’s 3D printing technology facility to take TAKTIK from the computer screen to the physical hand. Material simulations, form-to-fit testing, and product representation in early development stages are staples in rapid prototyping and product development.

Iterations of products like this give designers a physical product to use and represent on platforms like Kickstarter. For a small amount of money and time, designers save across the board when using a service bureau for creating new consumer products.

Kickstarter and 3D Printing - TAKTIK iPhone Case - GROWit

Be sure and check all of LUNATIK Kickstarter success products, which all underwent 3D printing R&D-to-production process under the GROWit HQ roof:

LUNATIK TAKTIK :: LUNATIK Touch Pen :: TikTok+LunaTik

Can’t wait to see what’s to come in future LUNATIK Kickstarter campaigns.

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Kickstarter Series: ChargeCard

December 17th, 2012

3D Printing and Kickstarter Series :: ChargeCard

Kickstarter and 3D Printing Series

By: Alicia Frye

GROWit prints magical, masterful, pure-awesomeful things every day. In this particular blog series, we highlight some of our Kickstarter customers: the leading innovators of consumer products. Today’s highlighted success? ChargeCard.


ChargeCard began in late 2011 with one simple idea: create a credit card sized USB charger/sync cable for the iPhone. Like most true great ideas in the hands of a solid team [Noah Dentzel, Adam Miller, and Brian Hahn], ChargeCard began its journey from concept to object.

The idea took form in early working prototyped versions made by the ChargeCard crew, but the models lacked essential design details (a nice way of saying they weren’t the prettiest of creations). In need of a beautiful, final form prototype for showcasing their product on Kickstarter, ChargeCard turned to 3D printing to help make a tangible product that would be sure to excite their potential backers.

Kickstarter - ChargeCard - Prototype Printed at GROWit 3D


With that, the 3D printing service bureau search began! ChargeCard wanted to both keep business local in California and work with top notch services for their project. GROWit was thrilled to be able to provide 1) parts made using Connex® 500 technology – a state-of-the-art, material jetting machine that allows two materials to be printed at once and be digitally blended, 2) the local factor, and 3) customer service from start to finish.

“When we got our first batch back from GROWit, we were really excited; they were better than we’d expected”, says Noah Dentzel. Within a matter of days, the prototypes made were delivered and ready for use to film ChargeCard’s Kickstarter video. The results? ChargeCard raised $161,000, exceeding their $50,000 goal by over 300%.

Kickstarter - ChargeCard - Prototype Printed at GROWit 3D

Made in California | for Micro USB and iPhone

“We’re already working on more designs for future products that we’ll have printed at GROWit…GROWit’s 3D printing capabilities have been an amazing resource for our company,” says Dentzel.

As a backer of ChargeCard, I get to experience the “backer side of things” as well as see the rapid prototyping / development side of their project in my current position at GROWit. There are several factors when one considers what defines a successful Kickstarter project. From all angles, ChargeCard not only offers a fantastic product, but also has an inherent understanding of how to create a brand that people can relate to and be proud of as a supporter.

Kickstarter - ChargeCard - Prototype Printed at GROWit 3D

ChargeCard is now in production (still local in Anaheim, CA) and the real ChargeCards will start coming off the line this month. You can reserve your microUSB and/or iPhone ChargeCard today on their website.

Way to go, ChargeCard! Can’t wait for delivery!


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3D Printing for Kickstarter

December 6th, 2012

By: Brad Silverstein

With the recent lawsuit that major additive manufacturing company 3D Systems has announced, it seems fair to state that Kickstarter and 3D printing are two topics that are well worth “the buzz” and attention that is being generated. With this latest development, it now seems inevitable that Kickstarter will crack down even more on their acceptance qualifications for new projects.

As of now, if you plan on creating a hardware Kickstarter project, you can’t just use simulations of what your project might do if they can be interpreted as a finished product. 2D renderings and/or drawings without actual, physical prototype parts in hand and any images of a project must clearly demonstrate a prototype or plan as it currently exists. This is under the new Kickstarter rule “New Hardware and Product Design Project Guidelines”. What, then, does this mean? It seems one can’t just draw up any old idea, throw it on Kickstarter, and then sit around to see if it takes off.

Here at GROWit, we get to participate in Kickstarter projects all the time (and even our own, but that’s a story for another day). Many companies have come to GROWit before this new rule was implemented to print parts in order to better explain the intent of their ideas and have been very successful doing so.

If you have a physical part to show actual function and use, your Kickstarter idea is easily understood. 3D printing and prototyping does not have to be difficult or costly. There are even some low cost (and free) CAD programs that can be used to model up a part in 3D that can be printed. Once modeled, you can send over files, have them 3D printed, and get them delivered all within a few days. In most cases, we are able to print materials that can near-perfectly mimic the intended production material and color.

It’s exciting to work on Kickstarter projects and then see them get backed. Many customers confidentially come to us, so we can’t always share the awesome products we’ve been silently a part of or will be in the future, but others are very open to singing their “3D print-to-production” story!

In our Kickstarter series, we’ll feature three awesome Kickstarter stories on real-life GROWit customers and how 3D printing has played a role in their success!

Ready to print parts for your Kickstarter project? Contact one of GROWit’s tech team members here to learn more! You dream it. We GROWit.


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